About us

Our company is established in 2009, one of the first whose produce civet coffee from own civet farm. Our company roots grew from a small home industry in Lampung, Sumatra Island, where our founder Dewi Ana produced her " Dewi Luwak Coffee" with the limited supply and promises experience unmatchable by other available in the market. Our mission is to introduced with the International Standard about ethically sourcing the finest luwak beans, spend countless hours mastering technique of roasting, focused on creating the perfect cup of Dewi Luwak Coffee, and improving the lives of people who grow them.

Drinking coffee is truly one of life's great joys, and more goes into creating that pleasurable experience than meets the eye. Dewi Luwak are Connected through coffee for people and cultures in the world, all devoted to producing this product we love. Dewi Luwak Coffee is a remarkable beverage.

Not only it fill our senses with wonderful aroma and flavor, but it also to complete us start the day more enthusiastically. Dewi Luwak with 100% original Luwak Coffee is pleased to bring this magical product to our customers, by the pound or by the cup, and committed trying to make their lives a little better every day through a cup of Dewi Luwak Coffee.


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